Kairos Cash

Wrap (wsKRNO)

wsKRNO is the wrapped version of sKRNO!
sKRNO increases in amount over time, while wsKRNO increases in price.
When you unwrap your wsKRNO tokens, you get back your original sKRNO plus any other sKRNO gained due to rebasing!
In other words, Users can wrap their sKRNO into wsKRNO, and receive their rebase as an increase in the value of wsKRNO rather than an increase in the amount of sKRNO.
1wsKRNO price = 1sKRNO price * 4.5 * Current Index
It can always be unwrapped for the equivalent amount of sKRNO. Wrap functionality is the key for multi-chain expansion as it will be used for bridges and values exchange across the chains. Also, wsKRNO will be utilised in many lending protocols and exchanges in and outside the Klaytn chain, including Kairos Cash.


First of all, click on the "Wrap" button in the top left corner of the Borrow page.
Select the amount of sKRNO you want to wrap, and confirm the transaction. If this is your first wrapping you will also need to approve sKRNO spending.
Once you have wsKRNO in your wallet, you can use them as collateral on Borrow or Leverage.