Kairos Cash


Kairos Cash has 3 main tokens.
  • ​KASH: a USD-pegged stable coin
  • ​KREDIT: the protocol's token which is used for incentivization.
  • ​sKREDIT: obtained by staking KREDIT tokens and used for fee-sharing and governance!

The KASH Token

The KASH is a USD-pegged stable coin that is backed by interest bearing tokens! Kairos Cash always considers this token to be worth 1USD.
Token Symbol: KASH
Token address: 0xce40569d65106C32550626822B91565643c07823

The KASH Price Peg

Since KASH is a USD-pegged stable coin, it needs to remain pegged to the USD. The mechanics used rely on arbitrage, keeping it simple. This can happen in several ways.
  • Users that hold debt, in KASH, might notice that KASH is trading on some market below 1 USD and decide to buy some KASH at this discount to repay some of their debt. This purchase of KASH will have a price rising effect relative to their volume.
  • Users that hold components (valid collateral), might notice that KASH is trading on some market above 1 USD and decide to open a position and sell the KASH borrowed to put to use elsewhere. This transaction will have a price lowering effect relative to their volume.
  • Users that hold other cryptocurrencies, (stablecoins or not) might see KASH trading differently on two of the above mentioned markets and decide to buy KASH on one market where the price is below 1USD and sell on another where the price is either at 1USD or above. This can also happen in reverse.
In most cases, a lot of the Market to Market arbitrage is done by automated bots that constantly monitor pools for opportunities to capitalize on these price differences. This has the benefit of having price pegs being corrected quite rapidly.

The KREDIT Token

Token Symbol: KREDIT
Token address: 0x24703f8497412912106761210bdc30c44ee61b2f
Total Supply: 7,000,000,000 KREDIT

KREDIT Token Distribution:

  • 5% (0.35B): sKRNO Holder Airdrop
  • 10% (0.7B): Kronos DAO Treasury
  • 30% (2.1B): Team allocation (4 Year Vesting Schedule)
  • 3.5% (0.245B): Initial Liquidity Supply
  • 51.5% (3.605B)
    • 31.8% (1.15B): Minting on the KrunchPad (fully allocated)
    • 68.2% (2.46B): Liquidity Supply and Incentives
KREDIT tokens are distributed as follows:
  • 5% of the total supply is airdropped to sKRNO holders. Details on Discord!
  • 10% of the total supply will be deployed to Kronos DAO Treasury for staking.
  • 30% of the total supply is allocated to the team members which is vested as follows;
  • 3.5% of the total supply will be used to provide a KREDIT-KLAY LP pair with KLAYswap for initial liquidity.
  • 51.5% of the total supply amounts to 3.605B.
    • 31.8% of this amount was minted on the KrunchPad which has already been fully allocated.
    • 68.2% of this amount will be used for liquidity supply and incentives.

KREDIT Token Emissions

Details coming soon!

The sKREDIT Token

You can stake and lock your KREDIT to get sKREDIT in Stake Tab . Staking KREDIT has a 24 hour time lock (Every time a user stakes KREDIT token, he will not be able to withdraw for the next 24 hours).
Token Symbol: sKREDIT
Token address: 0x7E55701C4C3DfB7acd14d46b1a9b28325Df1E205
Firstly fees (interest, borrow fee and 10% of the liquidation fee for certain markets) are deposited in the KREDIT fee pool in the form of KREDIT tokens. When users single-side stake their KREDIT tokens they receive sKREDIT tokens. sKREDIT tokens represent your share of the KREDIT fee pool. 10% of all liquidation fees are also hardcoded to be taken out and used to purchase KREDIT tokens in certain markets. These KREDIT tokens are also added to the KREDIT fee pool.
Your sKREDIT tokens are continuously compounding! When you unstake, you will receive all the originally deposited KREDIT tokens plus any additional KREDIT earned from the fees.
sKREDIT will also allow users to take part in governance as soon as the governance portal will be live.

The Protocol Fees

The protocol fees, at launch, derive solely from interest on borrowed KASH. As debt is paid in KASH, fees are collected. They are distributed as follows:
  • 75% are used to purchase KREDIT tokens that go to sKREDIT token holders.
  • 20% is allocated to the governance treasury that will be used to incentive KASH liquidity pools.
  • 5% is redirected to reserve assets that will be used when market conditions require intervention.